Adventures and hobbies is all about love, unity, recreation, Saudi heritage and gulf DNA.


The brand is founded by a passionate businesswoman ‘’Abrar Bashowair’’ in 2018 who puts in her heart and soul to deliver unforgettable experiences to the customers through travel, recreational hobbies, Saudi original craftmanship, Saudi dishes and food and adventures earning the brand signature ‘’Get Recharged’’

In 2022 the founder has won THE BEST TOURISM EXPERIENCE IN JEDDAH Competition sponsored by the Saudi Tourism Authority. And in 2020 The Authority honored the owner by considering her one of the TOURISM SHAPERS in Saudi Arabia.

The brand role is to contribute to Saudi tourism, welcome tourists from around the globe, support diversity and promote Saudi sightseeing, culture and heritage.

Adventures and Hobbies offers its clients a range of recreational activities like outdoor photo shooting of national attractions, Yoga classes and Oil Painting.


Tour Operator


As a Tour Operator our MISSION is to be the best getaway partner that avails full immersion in Saudi heritage and beauty and creates unique one-of-a-kind travel cultural experience

Where our VISION is to recharge people with piece, love, joy, art and culture


Hijazi Cuisine

We believe that Tourism   experience is much more than a tour, that’s why we established


so tourists live the experience with all their five senses



Our E-Store is full of creativity, Artwork, Handmade Craft, Trip Equipements and much more..